Hello. I am Alex.

I am a high school Junior and programmer from Silicon Valley.


I have participated in both FIRST and VEX Robotics, and have been a leader throughout my experience.

I started a VEX Robotics team at my middle school in 7th grade, competing for our first year in 8th grade. At our very first competition, we won the Judge’s Award. On the team, I helped ensure long term stability for the team, working with school officials to make sure that the team could survive beyond me leaving the school.

After I left my middle school VEX team, I started mentoring an all-girls VEX team in my neighborhood. On the team, I helped teach people new to programming learning. The team ended up qualifying for state championships!

At the same time as I mentored the VEX team, I joined my school’s FRC team. I got involved with IT and Programming. I am still on the team and have been globally recognized for my involvement with the team and community,