Hi! I’m Alex, a Computing Security student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I value learning security through community, and building security, trust, and change into organizations.

In my free time, I work on side projects and enjoy learning foreign languages!

Computing Security, Trust, and Change

Visionary businesses know that to protect their future, security cannot be siloed. A pan-organization approach not only protects pivotal data, but provides an opportunity to transform, streamline, and re-imagine business processes. My experience in technical security, communication, and change management provides a unique opportunity for comprehensive and successful security transformation.

Internally, stakeholders need clear, simple, and straightforward communication that drives behavioral change. Accessible and effective behavioral change are some of the most effective tools to protect critical business information against hacks and manipulation-based attacks (phishing).

Externally, rising attacks mean that customer distrust is at unprecedented levels. Trust can be a brand’s biggest asset, but broken trust leads to irreparable damage. To forge long-lasting trust, products need world-class security and simple communication to share that security with customers and stakeholders. My experience in developing secure and reliable software means that organizations will benefit from industry-leading products and unparalleled customer trust.

RITSEC: Computing Security at RIT

I am the Tech Lead at RITSEC, RIT’s Computing Security Club. That means I am responsible for developing our weekly challenges, which help members get hands-on experience. Additionally, I work on presentations and projects for the club. You can take a look at everything I have done here.


Where I’ve Worked