I am a high school Junior and programmer from Silicon Valley. On FRC Team 100, I specialize in Robot Control Systems and front end programming. I also am on team leadership and have been recognized for my contributions to Team 100 and FIRST robotics.

Outside of Team 100, I work on a variety of projects to develop my skills in many areas. For example, I designed and build a front end for a mobile app in my Computer Science class.


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I maintain a blog to help new FRC teams learn about how to be successful.

FRC and VEX Robotics

Throughout my robotics experience, my contributions and leadership to FRC and VEX robotics made the teams more successful and competitive.

In 7th grade, I started a VEX Robotics team at my middle school. At our very first competition, we won the Judge’s Award. On the team, I helped ensure long term stability for the team, working with school officials to make sure that the team could survive beyond me leaving the school.

After I left my middle school VEX team, I started mentoring an all-girls VEX team in my neighborhood. On the team, I helped teach people new to programming learning. The team ended up qualifying for state championships!

While mentoring the VEX team, I joined my school’s FRC team. I got involved with IT and Programming. I am still on the team and have been globally recognized for my involvement with the team and community.

About Me

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2019 Robot Code

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Work Experience

In the Summer of 2019, I interned for Cryptowerk, a data compliance start-up in Silicon Valley. During my time at Cryptowerk, I worked on marketing demos and began work on API wrappers to make Cryptowerk APIs easily accessible to more users.

Cryptowerk uses blockchain technology to assist in ensuring that data is compliant without costly WORM storage or other legacy systems.

Computer Science

At school, I took the AP Computer Science A class. The AP Computer Science A class teaches the core concepts of the object-oriented programming paradigm through Java.

In addition to the AP Computer Science A curriculum, I worked on projects to expand my understanding of programming. My favorite was a project where another person in the class and myself created a neural network in Java.

Currently, I am taking AP Computer Science Principals and Advanced Animation, both of which have a strong emphasis on front-end Javascript. In these classes, I designed and built a front end for a mobile social networking app.

Encouraging Diversity in STEM

During my freshman year of high school, I mentored VEX Robotics team 1666. Team 1666 is an all-girls robotics team from Menlo Park, California. My contributions to the team included teaching beginners how to code, enhancing our programming knowledge, and providing general support for the team. The team eventually disbanded but many of the members continued on to FRC teams in our area. Most of the team participants are considering degrees in STEM-related fields, and their time at VEX played a major role in their decision to pursue STEM careers.

Diversity in FRC

Woodside High School has the pleasure of being a very diverse school. Not only are we a Title 1 school, but anyone can join Team 100 and go to competitions without paying a cent in team dues. In addition, we open the doors of opportunity for anyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or any other factor. Many of our students are minorities, and we encourage everyone to participate to the maximum extent that they can.

On the team, I have worked to make programming approachable to everyone. Despite some of our programmers having prior experience, many of them never wrote code before their first day in FRC. I worked with mentors and other students to create a comprehensive training plan that encourages everyone to learn at their own pace and have worked hard to be approachable if anyone needs help or has questions.

Other Interests

Besides programming, I also enjoy photography, graphic design, and film editing.