Alex Beaver

A Student from the San Francisco Bay Area

FIRST Robotics
I am a programmer on Team 100, specializing in control systems and mobile application development. So far, I have worked on the development of various new apps to help collect data. These apps are written in Javascript with HTML 5 for the interface. I also developed feedback-driven control systems including elevator and autonomous driving. 
I also redesigned the web presence of my team. Our website was based on a convoluted mess of ancient PHP code and various frameworks, all powered by static HTML. A simple change, such as adding a link to the navigation bar, could take hours of valuable time. To fix this problem, I moved the team to a Squarespace-based site. Now the team has much faster turn-around and can be changed by people who are not familiar with HTML and PHP.
On top of all of this, I am also on leadership and was a Dean's List Finalist from the 2019 San Francisco Regional. The Dean's List award recognizes extraordinary leadership and commitment to the message of FIRST.
VEX Robotics
I mentored VEX Robotics team 1666, an all-girls team from Menlo Park, California. I helped the team develop and improve their software, as well as getting them started with version control. During my time on the team, I worked with many people aged from 7th grade up to seniors in high school.
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