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Westlight AI

My Impact.

  • Shortened the time to complete tasks by over 90% by developing an administrative dashboard in ReactJS
  • Opened over $100,000 in software pilot contracts with a revitalized customer presentation and simple communication of enterprise security concepts
  • Reduced debugging time by 60% through development of a Jenkins debugging pipeline and automatic log analysis with Elasticsearch and Kibana


I contributed to the development of several projects, including:

  • Security analysis of C# code
  • User-facing dashboards with ReactJS
  • Log analysis with Elasticsearch and Kibana (ELK Stack)
  • Sales and investor presentations
  • Automated testing with Jenkins and Windows Hardware Lab Kit

About Westlight AI.

Westlight AI’s used artificial intelligence to intelligently protect files for distributed teams. It primarily focuses on the construction industry and offers protection from data exfiltration and operational workflow streamlining.