A close up photo of an FRC robot

Team 100 Robot Code (2019)

Features Button board for state changesIntelligent orchestration during state changes that ensured the safety of the robotLinear motion profiles for precise control of subsystems Changes From Previous Years This was the first year that Team 100 used Finite State Machines. Through the FSMs, we were able to use a button board for automated state changes, … Continue reading Team 100 Robot Code (2019)


Lessons Learned During the process, I learned several skills both technical and leadership-wise. Technical Designing an app in Adobe Illustrator, including exporting CSS Building an app using React Native and React Native CLI from the ground up Understanding user design tradeoffs as pertaining to mobile applications Effective testing procedures to document successes and failures Google … Continue reading EggChat

Cryptowerk Internship

Cryptowerk is a company that specializes in data integrity solutions for companies. I interned there during the summer between my sophomore and junior year of high school. Projects Developed full-stack marketing demos using HTML, CSS, and Javascript Made extensive use of Amazon Web Service APIs, including S3, SES, and Lambda Lessons Learned Technical Using AWS, … Continue reading Cryptowerk Internship