Team 100 Robot Code (2019)

The Basics

I wrote the robot code for FRC Team 100’s 2019 Robot: W19-001. It featured extensive use of linear motion profiles and finite state machines to ensure robot safety. The robot was a huge success, qualifying for playoff matches at every event it competed at.


  • Button board for state changes
  • Intelligent orchestration during state changes that ensured the safety of the robot
  • Linear motion profiles for precise control of subsystems

Changes From Previous Years

This was the first year that Team 100 used Finite State Machines. Through the FSMs, we were able to use a button board for automated state changes, and it opened the opportunity for closed loop control systems. In past years we have used open loop teleoperated control for all robot subsystems. As a result of these changes, we had much more precise control and increased reliability.




Hours spent at FIRST Robotics during the 2019 Season



Since the start of Build Season



Lines of code in our internal repo


  • Quarterfinals (Alliance 8) – 2019 San Francisco (CASF)
  • Dean’s List Finalist – 2019 San Francisco (CASF)
  • Quarterfinals (Alliance 8) – 2019 Sacramento (CADA)