I led the development for my FRC team’s 2019 robot. The project brought many significant changes to our robot from past years.

The Robot and Game

The 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition game was Destination: Deep Space. You can learn more about the game on Team 100’s Robot Profile.


  • Ensured project success by creating leading a team of people
  • Reduced development time by creating an effective product development plan, and working with other students to ensure that the plan is followed
  • Promoted reliability by enforcing frequent on-robot testing procedures and using the Finite State Machine paradigm
  • Created a simpler user experience through use of a button board

Reliability, Controlability, Simplicity

These are the philosophies at the core of the 2019 robot code. With a simple, reliable, and controlled robot, the drivers have a better experience and the robot wins more matches.

We drastically reduced the software-originating failures on the field. There was not a single failure during a competition-season match that was caused by a software failure! This was achieved through solid development practices and rigid testing procedures.

We planned all code with diagramming and data structure creation before any implementation occurred, which not only reduced our development time but also increased reliability.



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