One of the most important ways to get started during Build Season is with deploying the necessary software to your team computers.

The problem is that finding all of the software can be a very tedious process. CSA-USB-Tool (an app designed to solve this problem) has a nice GUI, but a GUI is not ideal for a more hands-off downloading process or deployment through Group Policy (which my team does not do, but I imagine some teams do).

To solve this problem, I wrote FRC-Downloader: a Powershell script that downloads all necessary software to your computer, so that your users can easily install it.

Check it out below (instructions are in the README):

Feel free to use this for your own team or make a fork and add other software!

What Software is Included?

The software that is part of the downloader can be found in the CSV file. It is the result of asking programmers on my team what software would be helpful, as well as some taken from the list from CSA-USB-Tool. If you want different software, you can fork the repo and create your own list by updating the CSV (Excel and LibreOffice are great tools for this) with no need to recompile!

Thanks to JamieSinn who created CSA-USB-Tool which was the inspiration for this project:

Extra: Favorite Apps Ninite

Do you want more non-FRC-specific software that can help your FRC team? Check out my new Ninite installer with my favorite apps for FRC teams!

Ninite automatically downloads certain apps, and re-running the executable will check and automatically apply new updates.



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