About Me

I am a high schooler from the San Francisco Bay Area and participate in competitive robotics. On my team, I am one of the primary leadership people involved with Software, and I contribute significantly to robot programming as well as various mobile app and web design projects.

FIRST Robotics

I have participated in FIRST Robotics since freshman year of high school. On the team, I have worked on a variety of projects including:

2018 Season

  • IT and Device Management
  • Robot Programming
    • Autonomous Navigation

2019 Season

  • Website Redesign
  • Team Leadership
  • Scouting
    • Data entry app
    • Data viewing app
  • Robot Programming
    • Control Systems (PID)
    • Intelligent macro routines for multi-subsystem manipulation

2019 Dean’s List Finalist

2019 San Francisco Regional

At the 2019 San Francisco Regional, I won the 2019 Dean’s List Finalist Award and had the opportunity to go World Championships in Houston, Texas. The Dean’s List Award, sponsored by the Kamen Family, recognizes people who demonstrate leadership and exemplify the message of FIRST Robotics. You can learn more about the Dean’s List Award from the FIRST Robotics webpage.

Full Stack Development

I have lots of experience in developing various aspects of applications including design, backend, and frontend.

Backend Technologies

I have written backends in:

  • NodeJS/ExpressJS
    • Firebase Cloud Functions (ExpressJS)
    • AWS Lambda (NodeJS)
  • Golang
  • PHP

On top of this, I have experience with Firebase, MySQL, and Postgres databases through various projects over time.

Frontend Technologies

I have lots of experience with HTML/CSS/JS for front-end deployment. My experience includes the development of several apps for my robotics team.

In addition, I have been working on growing my React Native skills, in an effort to develop cross-platform mobile applications as well as grow my understanding of Javascript.

Other Languages

In non-production contexts, I frequently use Python, Java, and Kotlin. My use of these languages usually involves the creation of command-line tools to simplify tasks. For example, in the 2019 robot code, I wrote a Python script to automate code generation.


Throughout all of my projects, I have gained experience with UI design. I use Adobe Illustrator and XD to create interactive prototypes and ensure that the final product matches the design goal.